What is the difference between Loving and Wanting?

Emotions are a part of human life. Sometimes we seem confused while understanding our emotions, Hate likeness, wanting, angry all are human emotions and we describe them in different ways, which allows people to understand what actually we are thinking about them.What is the difference between Loving and Wanting?

Loving and wanting are also two different human beings’ emotions and sometimes it’s become a little hard to differentiate between them. So here the question is what loves and what wants and what the difference between loving and wanting is. Below this post is all about the difference between that is actually one free platform that allows people to understand the difference between such confusing things.

Difference between Loving and Wanting

If you are at that stage of your life where you feel butterflies in your stomach and do not know if you really love that person or just love them, since these two words may seem the same, the truth is that they are two completely different feelings. Here we will present the difference between love and love, so you can leave doubts and clarify your feelings.

Often these two feelings, both love and want are words that are frequently used, but without knowing their true meaning, since many times it is thought that it is the same word, but the truth is that there are clear differences that differentiate them.

  • Loving

Loving a person is a feeling that goes beyond just feeling something superficial, because when you love you can do it in the distance, love is a completely altruistic and disinterested feeling, and that is, it is not selfish. On the other hand, wanting is a feeling of possession, that is, it leads to selfish limits.

Often these two terms are used in the wrong way and this is because they are not clear or cannot define what they feel and they get to exaggerate what they feel. A clear example is, expressing I love this cake when in reality it is enough to say I want this cake.

  • Wanting

Wanting and loving does not feel the same, because when you want to feel that desire or feeling of euphoria, decisions are made without thinking and you are capricious with the other person while loving is a deeper feeling where those feelings are allowed to be free, for this reason, the love that is shown is unconditional and the trust, loyalty, and affection that you have is growing or increasing every day, all this will contribute to good communication and the problems that arise can solve them with love.

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