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British Novelist Jk Rowling Views On Quebec Attack

by Zaheer Sajjad

What British Novelist Jk Rowling is saying on Quebec Attack recently . JK Rowling retweeted several tweets about the attack in Quebec in recent days.Comment of JK ROWLINGS

Visibly touched by this terrible event, the author behind Harry Potter took issue with some media have neglected the word ” terrorist ” in their texts, on the grounds that the individual who killed 6 people is Caucasian.

The Meida has been among the media to make this mistake and JK Rowling did not hesitate to put the media in place on Twitter, before its 9.24 million subscribers:

” It is. A Terrorist. Not. A wolf. Solitary. “

It is inspiring to see an idol of young people like this famous writer educate her young audience and make sensitization aimed at reducing amalgam, prejudice, incomprehension, racism and discrimination.

Hat, JK Rowling !

The post of root has made questioning with a lot of Internet clients. He stated: “The solitary understudy Alexandre Bissonnette single presume blamed for slaughtering six individuals in the mosque of Quebec City.” The 27-year-old understudy is to be sure the main individual in the police locate for this assault cost the lives of six casualties and harmed numerous others in the colossal mosque of Quebec City.

JK Rowling is extremely dynamic on the informal organization, not delaying to defy the approach of Donald Trump, and specifically his pronouncement on movement, at the danger of pulling in the anger of his fans. Some don’t delay to debilitate her with “smoldering” her books. Furthermore, she answers them.

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