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Julieta : Almodóvar a very nice outfit Adapts Alice Munro

by Zaheer Sajjad

Who could have believed that one day, the universe of Alice Munro would integrate as harmoniously into that of Pedro Almodóvar? That is the case. The viral news of Julieta Almodóvar is trending on we still.

Actress JPedro Almodóvar on 'Julieta, News canada


Julieta is indeed inspired of three new Canadian novelist, as the champion of Movida has cropped in Spain by merging them into a single plot. Little Munro remains at the end, though. And many Almodóvar. Some elements in a spooky dimension can still sometimes remind the country of origin of the author (a short deer in the snow next to a train), but Julieta unequivocally inscribed in the usual approach The one who, for more than 35 years, is the leader of Spanish cinema.

Almodóvar adds another, more vulnerable, more tragic, to a gallery of female characters already rich, composed over 20 feature films. The entry into matter is remarkable. Julieta is in her boxes, about to redo a new existence outside Madrid with a new companion of life. In all the quietude of his maturity.

It is nevertheless that a furtive encounter in the street will come to make everything tip. Someone comes to speak to him about his daughter, mysteriously disappeared from his life – they were nevertheless very close – 12 years ago. Julieta thought she had a reason for herself, but no. This meeting comes to stir everything, to upset everything, to question everything. And it brings back from the past a story with drawers, of the kind that the filmmaker loves so much. He controls all the wheels.

At the heart of the story is the theme of guilt. That which sometimes imposes upon you, without striking a blow, the meanders of destiny, on the fringe of any religious or spiritual connotation.


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