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What does the Lady Gaga anti-Trump do to us, halfway through the Super Bowl?

by Zaheer Sajjad

The extravagant Lady Gaga will be on the same track as the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons Super Bowl star on Sunday: she promised a message of tolerance during the much-anticipated half-time show. 

What does the Lady Gaga anti-Trump do to us, halfway through the Super Bowl?

Super Bowl Sunday: kick bac

One year after singing the American anthem before the 2016 Super Bowl, Lady Gaga is this time the headliner of the “Super Bowl half time show”, a thirteen-minute show presented as the most followed in the world that costs her Sponsor, a famous brand of soft drink, the modest sum of ten million dollars.

In front of the 70,000 spectators of the Houston NRG Stadium and, above all, more than 110 million American viewers in front of their small screen, the pop diva will live a childhood dream. “I think of this show since I was four,” assured the one that sold more than 27 million albums worldwide.

But if it is known for its pronounced political positions, Lady Gaga assured it would not make this show a political forum while the United States, more divided than ever after the election of Donald Trump, live a Period of high tension. “The only statements I make during my show are the ones I have consistently made throughout my career,” said Lady Gaga, icon of the gay and transgender community. “I believe in equality and the fact that the state of mind of this country is a message of love, compassion and kindness,” added the one who never hid her hostility to Trump.

Gesture of protest at the foot of the Trump Tower on the evening of the election of Donald Trump

Able to surprise his audience with his stage design and its sartorial extravagances, the Interpreter of Poker Face maintained the biggest mystery about the progress of his show.

She could be joined on stage, mounted and dismantled in a few minutes on the lawn of the NRG Stadium, by another pop diva Beyonce and crooner Tony Bennett.

American television is ready to face all (bad) surprises. Since 2005, to avoid a reissue of the “Nipplegate”, scandal provoked the previous year by Justin Timberlake who had unveiled a stud of Janet Jackson, the show will be broadcast in slight delay.

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