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Lancôme: Roseraie des Delice, Best Design collection of cosmetics for Girls

by Zaheer Sajjad

Lancôme: Roseraie des Delice, a new collection of cosmetics. Do not hesitate, because next spring you will make up with light tones, preferring mainly pastel colors. Astyletips.com has already seen it in collections of other cosmetic firms, but Lancôme confirms it with its collection for the next spring/summer called Roseraie des Delice .Lancôme: Roseraie des Delice, Best Design collection of cosmetics for Girls

Not only will you wear these tones in your best dresses, but your nails, cheeks and eyes will be marked by these romantic and very feminine tones , which also feel wonderful on tanned skin.


If Lancôme’s campaign with Emma Watson, Rouge in Love, was marked by the red tones , especially on the lips, the spring collection of the French firm called Roseraie des Delice , turns a nut and fills the color palettes pastel .

  • Roses are the clear protagonists of this collection, which appear on the blush, eye shadow, and advertising. Although the tone that has the protagonism in this line is the pastel green , especially for the eyes. The shade palette that Lancôme proposes combines three shades of green, dark, clear and intermediate for you to use all three, creating a degraded feeling.
  • But if you do not dare with the green, we also have the same palette in five shades of pink . In addition, both wear an eyeliner to mark the look.
  • In this collection do not forget the waterproof eyeliner to get an intense look and proof of all kinds of attacks, from tears, to the inclement weather. It does not remove, it does not leave spots or streaks, besides providing an easy slip thanks to its creamy textute.

    You can buy it in the tone in many shades or petal green and also in the more than six hundred that is a pure white that serves to illuminate the look.

  • For the cheeks, Lancôme proposes his compact blush that should not be missing in your dressing table this spring. Easy to apply provides a clear finish to the skin thanks to its multidimensional powder texture. The bright pink color of this bed of roses, combines with the shine of the rest of the tones, giving a perfect finish to your cheeks and face.
  • For the lips brings us two types of bars. The first is composed of two shades of pink and soft red , which include ultra-careful Pro-Xylene that gives a new texture to your lips and is enriched with pigments better the glow of these.
  • The other line of lipsticks is inspired by the classics of the house Lancôme and is in a pure pink tone that simulates the cotton swabs we ate as small. It improves the natural tone of the lips with a transparent and translucent veil, with which you will look healthy and cared lips.
  • But if you want to shine on your lips, bet on the gloss of this collection, where the star is the mint green color that is the thread of these products. But if you do not dare the green on your lips, you can taste the mandarin or the pink , for a natural and romantic look this spring.
  • And for the nails , the Roseraie des Delice collection presents the same shades as for lip gloss, pastel green, mandarin and pink , which are the shades that will mark the trend next spring.

This collection of Lancôme, Roseraie des Delice, follows the trends of other proposals we have been seeing, such as Dior and its Garden Party where flowers and romantic tones were also the protagonists. Tell us if you dare with this nice collection of the French firm.


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