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Margarita Cocktail Recipes Types drinks

by Zaheer Sajjad

Margarita Cocktails recipe types

Margarita cocktail is very famous consisting of tequila, triple sec and lime or lemon juice often served with glass  having salt on its rim. it is formed in wide varieties  and types  with mix drinks, frozen margarita  or without ice  too.

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Margarita cocktail main ingredients:

Main ingredients of Margarita cocktail are Tequila, Lime Juice and Cointreau with lime slice and salt on the rim of glass. Standard ratio of  ingredients of Margarita  is 50% tequila, 29% Cointreau, 21% fresh lime juice.

It is very famous in United states and is found in wide variety of glass forms likeTequila, Mojito, Martini, Triple sec, Daiquiri, Cosmopolitan, Tequila Sunrise, Pina colada, Caipirinha, Bloody Mary, Manhattan, Sangria, Mai Tai, Cuba Libre, Negroni, Vodka, Old Fashioned, Fizz and long Island Iced Tea . It is served traditionary in the eponymous glass of margarita.

Flavored Liqueurs:

lime Juice is the key ingredient  for  Freshly squeezed lime juice. Thick skinned Persian lime  is mostly available in United States. whereas  in Mexico it is generally  made by Mexican limes.  It has softer taste when especially  when we use Mayer lemons.

Frozen Margarita:

Margarita  can also served as a blended ice slush  similar to other ice drinks  like the Hurricane Cocktails or  Pina Colada. it is known as frozen margarita. it is best considered if  it is found in  solid. the first machine invented for frozen margarita   on May 11, 1971.

Margarita with various tastes and Fruits:

Margarita cocktail is used in various  flavors , colors with different tastes of  fruits like mango, peach, strawberry, banana, melon, or raspberry. but it is generally knows as lime Juice with Orange taste.

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