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Who is 71st Miss Universe 2022-2023 Winners, Biography

by Rashid Javed

What is meant by Miss Universe why this competition is conducted see the name and images of Miss Universe 2023 winners. Miss Univers awards and competitions are held annually every year. This year Miss Universe 2022-2023 will be held on dated 24/01/2023. This event is held by the (U.S) United States of America (Miss Universe Organization). The authority announces the name of the beauty queen of the year.  Harnaaz Sandhu Miss Universe is being suggested and elected by the participants in the competition.

Who is Miss Universe 2022-2023 Winners Name, Biography Pictures

Who is Miss Universe 2022-2023  Harnaaz Sandhu Biography

Who is  Harnaaz Sandhu what is the date of birth, age and family information and net worth check the details about  Harnaaz Sandhu Biography in the table below attached? This is 71st Miss Universe 2022 competition will be held on 14th January 2023. There about 71 Contestants/participants from all over the world will appear in this competition.

Who is 71st Miss Universe 2022-2023 Winners Name, Biography Pictures
Miss Universe Held by U.S
Miss Universe 2022 date14/01/2023
Who is Miss Universe 2022 Name Harnaaz Sandhu
Miss Universe Competition PlaceNew Orleans Morial Convention United States of America
Contestants 71
Harnaaz Sandhu nationalityIndian
Date of Birth3rd March 2000

Miss Universe is a yearly global delight event that is controlled by the US-based Miss Universe Association. It is perhaps the most watched show on the planet with an expected crowd of north of 500 million watchers in more than 190 domains.

Who is Miss Universe 2022-2023 Winners Name, Biography Pictures

Read the late news Who is 71st Miss Universe 2022-2023 Winners Name, Biography Pictures are displayed here. This is Miss Universe 2022 will be the 71st Miss Universe exhibition, to be held at the New Orleans Morial Assembly hall in New Orleans, Louisiana in the US on January 14, 2023. Harnaaz Sandhu of India will crown her replacement toward the finish of the occasion.

Miss Universe 2022 Contestants Name and Age
SrCountry NameAge
1 Albania21
2 Angola25
3 Aruba23
4 Australia27
5 The Bahamas27
6 Bahrain24
7 Belize22
8 Bhutan24
9 Bolivia23
10 Brazil27
11 Cambodia24
12 Canada21
13 Cayman Islands24
14 Chile24
15 Colombia25
16 Costa Rica24
17 Croatia19
18 Curaçao20
19 Denmark20
20 Dominican Republic25
21 Ecuador26
22 El Salvador26
23 Equatorial Guinea20
24 Finland26
25 Germany24
26 Ghana27
27 Great Britain25
28 Guatemala22
29 Haiti27
30 Honduras20
31 Iceland18
32 India25
33 Indonesia26
34 Iraq19
35 Italy24
36 Jamaica26
37 Japan23
38 Kazakhstan21
39 South Korea26
40 Kosovo21
41 Kyrgyzstan18
42 Lebanon20
43 Malta21
44 Mauritius25
45 Mexico26
46 Namibia21
47 Nepal27
48 Netherlands25
49 Nicaragua24
50 Norway26
51 Panama23
52 Paraguay27
53 Peru24
54 Philippines24
55 Poland22
56 Portugal22
57 Puerto Rico28
58 Russia22
59 Saint Lucia27
60 Seychelles24
61 Slovakia23
62 South Africa23
63 Spain25
64 Switzerland19
65 Thailand23
66 Trinidad and Tobago24
67 Turkey21
68 Ukraine28
69 Uruguay24
70 Venezuela23
71 Vietnam28

Miss Universe 2022-2023 Contestants Name / List Download

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