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Pokemon Duel arrives, the Nintendo Switch lowers its prices

by Zaheer Sajjad

Pokemon Duel arrives , the Nintendo Switch lowers its prices, Square Enix and Marvel join … It is the recap video games of the week! 

Pokémon launches Duel 2017 Photos

New Pokémon Duel Arriveing on iOS & Android in the West countries

This week in the recap video games, very heavy, and lots of novelties to the program. There is not to say, the year begins well.

The Nintendo Switch drops its price:

And we want to say happily. The announcement of the price of the console in the last few weeks had been a real hammer blow to the players. Fortunately, Nintendo Switch is now available for pre-order at least € 300 , with a bonus voucher. Clearly, we breathe a little better.

Marvel X Square Enix, the good idea:

The video game publisher Square Enix , especially that we owe to Final Fantasy and Tomb Raider announced a few days ago a long-term partnership with the superhero factory. With The Avengers Project, planned, Square Enix and Marvel signed a collaboration which already looks very promising!

After Pokemon Go, discover Pokemon Duel

After the success of Pokemon Go, Game Freaks worship license back for an all-new mobile game with Pokemon Duel . This strategy game free to play where you have to fight Pokemon figures released soon in France on iOS and Android, but it is already possible to download Pokemon Duel APK before its official release.

Pokemon Go launches massive wave of ban

Once is not custom, Niantic again decides to crusade against cheaters in Pokemon Go , banning outright the bots users. A global initiative that has already touched several thousand cheaters. Something to dissuade some.

Preview Ghost Recon Wildlands

The latest Ubisoft studios will be released in a few weeks, but we’ve already had the chance to test it just for you. Check out our preview of Ghost Recon Wildlands , the new episode of the Tom Clancy’s saga.

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard

The new Resident Evil 7 was released a few days ago on consoles and PC. The opportunity to discover this new episode always more nightmare. If you want to push the horror even further, know that the game is also available in RV.

The Pokemon bank is finally available

After months of expectation, the Pokemon bank is finally available on Sun and Moon! The opportunity to transfer all your favorite Pokemon from previous versions of the license, and compose your personal dream team. Everyone should be careful with the recent Roblox hacks that have been circulating, at the same time, it’s good to know that the development team is professionals and we shouldn’t have to worry too much. In addition to using it with the new generation before 2 October, you will receive a gift Mewzélite!

Have you tried any new online games? I recently stumbled upon the Happy Wheels game and really enjoy this little game. I would like to hear from you! What new games have you tested this week?

Source & Credit: Ubisoft, Capcom, Pokemon, Marvel, Pokemon / Nintendo / Marvel
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