Best Vitamins For Guaranteed Weight Loss Vitamin B & D

Had losing weight been as easy as popping up a few magical pills and walla? You are instantly down by a few pounds. If and only if it had been that easy!!! Best Vitamins For Guaranteed Weight Loss Vitamin B & D read the article helpful for fatty people.

Best Vitamins For Guaranteed Weight Loss

Well, it turns out, there’s a silver lining after all. There are a few vitamins that can help you shed those extra kilos. A well-balanced diet should be on your platter weight you are on your weight loss journey as it takes care of most of your vitamin and mineral needs.

Can vitamins really help you lose weight?

The answer ‘is yes.’ If you can pick your vitamins right, you can definitely lose weight. There are certain vitamins that can miraculously boost metabolism, digestion, and nutrient absorption thus bringing your body to an optimal state. Mixing them up with minerals and other nutrients can further accelerate the process

For example, magnesium – is a mineral that prevents constipation and supports your weight loss regime. Then again, whole food (organic) like fresh vegetables, protein, and good fats are rich in nutrients and act as supporting characters towards your goal.

Best vitamins to lose weight

Here is a list of the best vitamins for weight loss. Since, not just vitamins but other nutrients catalyze the process and take care of your overall health, you will also find a few of them on the list.

  1. Vitamin B

Vitamin B is one of the best in this category. They include thiamine (B-1), riboflavin (B-2), niacin (B-3), pantothenic acid (B-5), pyridoxine (B-6), biotin (B-7), folic acid (B-9) and cobalamin (B-12).

These are rich sources that metabolize carbohydrates, fats, and proteins in the body. For example, Thiamine aids body cells to convert carbohydrates into energy. Vitamin-rich food includes beans, lentils, milk, eggs, lean meat, whole grains, potatoes, and bananas.

  1. Vitamin D

This one is easy. The sun is the richest source of vitamin D and is vital for a healthy immune system. But, unfortunately, due to our hectic work schedule, we do not get much time to spend outdoors today.

The impact of vitamin D on weight loss is unclear, but researchers suggest obese people have lower levels of serum vitamin D. Therefore, why take the chance? Sources of vitamin D in food include cod liver oil, sardines, tuna, salmon, egg yolk, fortified milk and yogurt, and fortified cereals.

On a different note, it also helps fight depression and encourages a positive attitude in people. Spend as much time as you can outdoors basking in the sun. But do not forget to bring your sunscreen.

  1. Vitamin C

Considered one of the most valuable vitamins to have in our system, Vitamin C helps a great deal when it comes to losing weight. It helps your body lose fat mass and lets it function properly. It also boosts immunity, metabolizes fat, and regulates blood sugar levels.

Vitamin C deficiency can have a disastrous effect. You will never be able to reach a healthy BMI or lose weight for that matter. Sources include fruit and vegetables like oranges, berries plums, and broccoli.

  1. Iron

Iron carries oxygen to all the cells in the body, creates energy, and helps them to burn fat. When you have too little iron, you suffer from anemia resulting in fatigue, weakness, and low energy levels. It also negates physical endurance and athletic performance.

Gym instructors at Fit O’ Clock focus on inducing iron-rich diets in your daily routine. Sources include lean meats, shellfish, beans, and spinach. You can also go for iron-rich foods with a source of vitamin C, like strawberries or tomatoes. It improves absorption.

  1. Calcium

Non-fat dairy products like skim milk and yogurt, tofu, calcium-fortified juice, dark leafy greens, broccoli, canned sardines, and cheddar cheese, can actually improve your weight-loss success. But, there’s a catch. You need to choose the right low-fat for it to work.

Watch your portions. If possible, go for foods fortified with vitamin D or go out in the sun for at least 15 minutes a day so that your body can use the consumed calcium right.

  1. Magnesium

From controlling blood glucose, regulating blood pressure, and keeping bones strong to making the nervous system function smoothly, manganese does it all. It is the master of energy production in the body. You will find magnesium in nuts, seeds, legumes, and green leafy vegetables like spinach.

Gym trainers the best gym that may advise you to always keep a handful of nuts in your pocket so that you don’t wear out on your energy and keep feeling full. But don’t overdo it though. They are high in calories.

Remember: The best things in life are not always easy. So, instead of finding a shortcut in vitamin and mineral supplements, go for organic food. It will benefit your health in a lot of other ways you even know of.

Best Vitamins For Guaranteed Weight Loss Vitamin B & D

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