Definitive guide to buy the Perfect Ring of Engagement

The engagement or commitment ring is one of the most important gifts that are made in the life of a couple and their choice should not be taken lightly. As the name implies, it suggests a commitment and a promise to share a lifetime together. It can be said that buying an engagement ring is the culmination of the engagement to be promised. There is a wide variety of cheap engagement rings with excellent value for money that we are going to present in this article.
Definitive guide to buy the Perfect Ring of Engagement

But it may be that when choosing an engagement ring, there are many doubts, all of them normal since it is not a simple purchase: Where to buy a ring visit this website? What kind of ring do you buy? Should I buy an engagement ring in white gold or yellow gold? What is the price of a request ring? Should we decide on a cheap engagement ring or an expensive one?

For all these doubts in Galore Jewelry, we elaborate this definitive guide with everything you need to know when buying an economical order ring tailored to your pocket. So if you are thinking of taking the “big step” and need advice, this article is for you.

Where to buy engagement rings

Order rings can be found in almost any jewelry, such as El Corte Ingle’s, which offers a wide variety, of prices, and brands to choose from in one place.

A good strategy can be to choose the engagement ring design that you like most online, so you can compare it with other brands and prices. On the Internet, there is a huge offer of engagement rings of all types and materials that makes the choice simpler. Even the Amazon online mega store has its selection of gold and diamond or gemstone engagement rings.

Whether neighborhood jewelry or a well-known brand or even buy your online order ring, you should see that if you include a diamond, they will give you a certificate of authenticity. This will give you peace of mind that you are buying a real gem and not a cheap low quality engagement ring. But we must not rush, that on this issue of quality we will advance point by point.

In summary, we do not mean that you cannot buy an economic engagement ring, no. At all costs you have to find a ring that matches your budget, so do not worry that there is a great variety of materials, stones, and designs for all tastes.

What kind of ring to order to buy:

There are numerous types of gold and materials to buy an engagement ring, including white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold. The three types of gold have a color similar to the one indicated by their name, and of course, in each color, there are different qualities of gold and even silver:

MaterialCarats% purityThousands
Pure gold2499%999
Gold of first law1875%750
Second law gold1458.5%585
Pure silver1299%999
Sterling silver11,192.5%925
Second Law Silver9.680%800

It is important to know that gold, pearls, and precious stones are measured in carats. A carat is a unit of weight that equals 200 mg. As you can see in the picture, you can see different degrees of purity in both gold and silver, and this makes the price of engagement rings vary considerably.

As you can imagine, pure gold and first law are those that have higher quality, but an engagement ring is gold second law, and also carrying a diamond does not mean it is of poor quality, on the contrary. It is a way to distribute the budget giving more importance to the stone while still keeping your choice in precious metal.

Different qualities of rings, bathrooms, and veneers

When an engagement ring is made entirely of gold or silver, they usually have a stamp on the inside that indicates its quality. But there is an option for cheaper gold engagement rings, which are the “gold or silver baths” . A gold-plated or silver-plated ring (whatever the law may be) will not carry a seal, but the important thing is that the bathroom looks even to ensure good durability. It is said that a good bath of gold, silver, nickel, copper, rhodium or other metal, is at least 0.02 millimeters thick.

The plating, however, is achieved by gluing a sheet of gold or other material on the desired piece. It is recommended that the surface of the piece or the plated ring be as smooth as possible.

Another noble material that begins to be used frequently in jewelry is platinum. A platinum ring will undoubtedly be more economical than a white gold engagement ring, and aesthetically very similar. In turn, the stone you choose to accompany the ring will also be preponderant when making your choice.

Engagement ring in white gold with diamonds: the most chosen

The solitaire engagement ring in white gold are usually the most sought-after option and the most recommended by expert jewelers, here we tell you why:

White gold is nobler and fine than silver. In turn, as engagement rings usually carry a diamond (solitaire), using white gold results in a discreet, non-overburdened jewel.

In general, the option of choosing yellow gold is intended for marriage alliances, which are simpler rings and usually do not usually carry diamonds or stones.

Pink gold engagement rings

Pink gold may be less demanded than a white gold ring when choosing an engagement ring. However, it is fine gold and of the most original and romantic gift. The common people usually have rings of yellow gold or white, silver or platinum (very similar to each other to the naked eye). But an engagement ring in rose gold stands out among others without a doubt giving an original and unique touch to a ring as special as a ring of request.

A rose gold ring is composed of 75% fine gold, 20% copper, and 5% silver, a combination that achieves a warm, romantic, and sophisticated color, accompanied by a diamond that will undoubtedly be a unique jewel for those who love it. I carried.

If what you are looking for is an original engagement ring to give the “big step”, without a doubt buying a pink gold wedding ring will give you that touch of meaning, romanticism, and elegance that you are looking for.

Why do engagements ring with diamonds?

The diamond is the finest gemstone, hard and resistant. One could say that it is indestructible since there is no material harder on the earth than diamond. It is used not only in jewelry but also in industries such as construction, to cut materials of extreme hardness.

Thanks to its properties of resistance and hardness, the diamond symbolizes eternity. That’s why an engagement ring with a diamond is loaded with an additional meaning that goes beyond the aesthetics of the jewel itself: it symbolizes the love that will last forever.

Diamonds are measured in carats, and the diamond in a ring usually weighs about 0.37 carats.

In which finger the ring of request is carried

The engagement ring, traditionally worn on the left ring finger, where formerly was thought to circulate the vein amoris (the vein of love) that ran directly to the heart.

In some countries and cultures, it is worn on the ring finger of the right hand, although it is a very personal option and may vary. The most normal thing is to wear it on the ring finger. So if you have to figure out the ring size, you should be able to measure your partner’s ring finger.

How to know the size of the engagement ring

There are many ways to know the ring size of the person you want to give it to. There are known ring gauges, which are used to measure the size of the finger or rings, you can see some examples here.

Here you can see the classic ring and finger meter that is used in jewelry stores

However, as a gift ring is usually made as a surprise, and asking directly about the size of the ring can reveal your intentions, here are some suggestions to know the size.

  • Take a ring that your partner uses frequently and in any jewelry, you can measure your size.
  • Use a bar of soap to have the shape of the ring, and take the bar to a jewelry store to measure it.
  • Try a ring that you use and see which finger or phalange you fit. Then in a jewelry shop, you look for a fair measure for that finger and phalanx.

Remember that beyond the size of the ring you choose, they will always allow you to re-adjust it to the appropriate size once you have given it away and it is always a nice touch to record the date of request to remember it forever.

Cheap engagement rings prices

The prices of engagement rings move in very wide ranges since as we have said, the materials vary according to the brands and qualities of the gold you want to buy.

The greater the carat of the gold, the higher its quality, and therefore the price rises. In turn, diamonds are also measured in carats, and the higher the diamond’s weight, the higher the price of the ring will be. The diamond also varies the color, cut, sharpness, and purity. That’s why you can buy real diamonds at very varied prices for engagement rings.

The important thing is that the purchase of the ring of request goes according to your budget. Formerly it was said that the price of the ring should be worth 3 salaries, and now the issue is much more flexible and everyone can buy what best suits their pocket. The most important thing is what this jewel symbolizes and that it is a special ring to be used all the life for the sentimental value it will represent.

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