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Here is a brand new brand of fresh makeup that recently arrived on the market: You Are Cosmetics or UR Cosmetics.  Yes, but it has serious assets to challenge brands already in place.  I suggest you discover this with me today this awesome brand and show us your opinion as well. After doing some tests and trials, the results will surely help you get an idea about the makeup You Are Cosmetics. What and where is  Cheap Makeup Services near you check the full details and list.

UR Cosmetics A Affordable Makeup & Beauty Products

About UR Cosmetics Cheap Makeup Services?

Launched at the end of 2024 by the team of creators of Eyes Lips Face France, UR cosmetics offers makeup at low prices. As you well you can contact them for makeup products, such as Lipsticks, brushes, best makeup tables, etc, and a lot that comes under the requirements of good makeup today.

  • Makeup for all! All skin tones, with hues from light to dark.
  • Makeup for beginners and experts with 2 ranges Essential and Experts.

These cosmetics offer very good pigmentation and prices are reduced to the essential. All UR cosmetics are in addition Cruelty-free & vegan (certified by PETA). Check Cheap Makeup Services at You Are Cosmetics – UR Cosmetics at online free portal.

More than 500 references at very affordable prices are already available and of course, many new features will appear a little more each day to stick to the make-up trends of the moment.

Why UR Makeup Cheap Makeup Services Brand Name

You Are Cosmetics may be very young; it still offers more than 500 references in all the makeup departments. So I have already spotted:

  • For the complexion: foundation, powder, blush, and tan, but also highlighter and complexion
  • Eyes: eye shadows, mascaras, eyeliner, eye pencils, and eyebrow makeup
  • For lips: lipstick of course and also lip care

In addition to cosmetics, UR cosmetics offer cheap and quality make-up brushes. You will see below that I have tested one of them.

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Green Eyes Makeup Tutorial – Nude Rose – Part 1

I was lucky to receive a selection of some You Are Cosmetics makeup products for testing with which I participated in the You Are Mood Challenge on Integra. Thanks to them, I realized this makeup. Today, with some of them, I propose this pink nude makeup for every day. A simple and quick makeup to achieve a fresh and light complexion.

Step 1: Applying the eye shadow Cheap Makeup Services Cosmetics

Choose a blush of your skin color and apply it all over your eyelid.

Then apply a second, brighter, brighter, rather light shade from the eyelid to the middle of the upper eyelid (between the eyelid and the eyebrow). Finally, apply a third blush, rosé only on your eyelid. Blend it gently with a brush to obtain a slight gradient. The idea here was not to get a very pronounced eye makeup but a fresher and more natural shade possible. The list of Cheap Makeup Services at You Are Cosmetics – UR Cosmetics provider list to make the eyebrows at home.

Step 2 – Makeup eyebrows

If like me you are blond you may have eyebrows quite sparse or “holes”. To fill, I love using the eyebrow pencil of You Are cosmetics. It is precise, the hue corresponds to the color of my eyebrows and I can distribute the material well thanks to the brush.

Green Eyes Makeup Tutorial – Nude Rose – Part 2

Step 3 – The loose powder

I wanted very light makeup for this tutorial. So I did not apply a foundation but a simple loose powder, very slightly tinted; just to ratify my complexion and give a slight good-looking effect. What I got thanks to the compact powder You Are Cosmetics. Perform this step 3 Cheap Makeup Services at your own Beauty Parlour at home.

Step 4 – Apply Mascara

The mascaras I prefer are those that separate the lashes and give them volume and length. Generally, I apply mascara on my upper eyelashes but to make a stronger effect, I sometimes add it to the outer corner of my lower lashes. All you have to do is apply the lipstick of your choice. A light pink doll or a coral a little metallic will go very well. You can find those I prefer in my shop my darling makeup.

So finally, it is useless to say that after a few weeks of testing, I have already adopted some products. Even if others can make a few drops of makeup, the pigmentation is really at the rendezvous. I recommend you tap your brush on the edge of your palette after taking any powder and especially to have a light hand to avoid the major unsightly makeup brands. I did not experience any allergic reaction to these products.

This makeup is not expensive but yet of good quality not to create a reaction to my skin usually sensitive and reactive. All the above-said information and details about Cheap Makeup Services at You Are Cosmetics – UR Cosmetics are free of cost providing for luxury girls.

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